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Ariel enters the first novel as a sweet, vacuous rich girl majoring in boys at NYU. A string of tragedies will change her dramatically. She will discover her hard side while trying to revenge her friend, Katy, by destroying the frat that caused her suicide.

By the end of the Máilí and the Thetisans, Ariel's love, Paulina, will be dead, driving Ariel over the edge.


Her father, one of richest industrialists in the world is also one of the corporate violators trying to build the floating island state of Thetis that the Thumpers are fighting against. Her father will put Ariel in a sanatarium specializing in reparative therapy (reprogramming). The Thumpers will rescue her or maybe it is only her body they can rescue.


In the future, Ariel will become the Thumper's arch enemy, running her father's conglomerate which will expand thru the Stringverses like a virus. Ariel will acquire Hellfire Security and the company from which Máilí steals the Stringverse controller. She will sexually manipulate Máilí's enemy from Máilí's Maze, the brilliant Dr. Magnus Aurelius Creapeau. And he, in turn will intellectually manipulate her.


Ariel is a guy magnet — so beautiful, she causes drool pools. Since second grade, she has never been without a boyfriend for more than 36 hours. Everything in her childhood through high school has been perfect.


18 years old. 5'3" tall. 105 pounds. Outstanding features: a beautiful face and a body that drives guys nuts. Cheerleader in High School. Little Sister at Delta Iota Kappa fraternity. Very unstable psychologically.


A young Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco or Emily Ratajkowski type.