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The Thumpers see Becca as Hit-Girl grown up. Becca is a former sergeant of an elite ranger recon team, the Sayeret Matkal of the Israel Defense Force. She is the Thumpers tactical leader and military trainer until she is forced to shoot a man in the back of the head to save Ariel's life.


The trauma that ensues causes her to reject violence as a means to any end. She will drive the the Thumpers away from the use of force and into using their intelligence and knowledge to achieve their goals.


Bec speaks Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian, Pashtu, and French. Studying Kinesiology (Psychological Kinetics) at NYU and Oxford, Becca will develop an almost psychic ability to read people's body language, almost to point of reading minds. She will bring this power to her dealings with new lifeforms in the stringverses.


Bec is tough and smart. She teaches Máilí and the Thumpers how to defend themselves, as well as the strategies and tactics to complete a mission.


In the future Thumpers adventures in the stringverses she will be the primary in dealing with other languages or other species. When there is no other choice but action, she will take command, but only when she is sure they have no other options.


Bec is 23, a bit older than the others. She has a body like Serena Williams. 5’9” 150 lbs.


An Odeya Rush type with a Rhonda Rousey body.