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Jett is the wisest of the Thumpers. The group's conscience. Her moral leadership changes what the Thumpers are all about.


Jett begins the first novel in disguise. She is trying not to look like the famous porn star who is almost her double. She loses her

disguise to impersonate the porn queen. She infiltrates the sex-trafficking Ozymandias Empire, and meets the Great Oz. They have a battle of wits. Then a real battle. After the mobster opens fire on her, Jett must shoot him to make her escape. While his Kevlar vest protected him, the billionaire Casino owner takes it personally. He offers a $100,000 reward for information as to her whereabouts.


Jett is forced underground. She can only reappear when Oz is dead. The reader will not see her for a long, long time. She will eventually seek out Ariel and Turq to protect her. But has she gone over the dark side, or is she there to help Máilí and the Thumpers?


Jett is a senior at NYC’s prestigious Fashion Institute Of Technology with an emphasis on film, television and theater. She is a talented costume designer and make-up artist including facial prosthetics.


Jett is a chameleon, afraid to look good. The 5’5” Eurasian begins the story looking like a lump of clothes with a face like sandpaper. It is a disguise to keep her from being noticed. Her problem is she looks almost exactly like the woman voted the world's most beautiful porn star. She will emerge like a butterfly from the cocoon of her own making, to let herself be seen as the beautiful person she is. But it will turn into a trap that only makes her life worse, and puts her on the run.


A Fumi Nikaidou, Kasumi Arimura type.