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Kilani starts out in book one as 21 year old, part time student. Full time wise ass. She’s an iconoclastic goth, hipster, nexty. Dealer of soft drugs. Wild. Funny. Big mouth. The line in the novel most used by the Thumpers is “Shut up, Kilani.”

At the beginning, the emo-goth girl is not much more than comic relief. She is the personification of a jobless, club-hopping, drug-doing millennial who knows more useless pop culture factoids than book knowledge. And is quite happy with that.


Kilani, because she is such a lazy, wise-ass does not earn the respected of the other Thumpers. That will change at the end of the first novel when the Thumpers face defeat and death, it will be Kilani's intuitive knowledge of the web, social media, human psychology and the power of viral video that saves their lives.


It is Kilani who tells them the story of Lizbeth Salandar and gets them into Revenge Therapy. It is Kilani who will lead them out the other side.


Kilani loves life, clubs, Hanish, and temporary tats. She changes her faux tattoos monthly, weekly or sometimes daily. When Máilí met her, she was in her goth mode. A spider web on her neck. a bat hanging from her eye, and a back that looked like a gothic graphic novel. Next it was a anime cartoon motif. Next time you see her, she might be covered in her fave rock band of the evening, or look like a poster for Greenpeace. Her tat philosophy is "Why be defined by a life-long tat you get when you're a wasted 17 year old?”


A Miley Cyrus, Chloe Grace Moritz, Jennette McCurdy type.