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Turq is a Communications major who is their Media Warrior. It is Turq's ideas and her leadership that takes the Thumpers into battle with the PR agency. War Room of media professional shape the story on which the Thumpers future and lives depends.


The Thumpers must counter the work of the most brilliant minds in advertising, pr, and mental manipulation.


Harlem gangbangers that once raped her have targeted her again. Turq must kill to survive. Step by step, body by body, she will lose track of value of life. She will become a stone-cold killer without the slightest sense of remorse.

When she is forced underground by the Ozymandias contract on her life, and the street gang's discovery of her killings, she will sell that ability to kill without conscience.


In Máilí and the Mercs, the now bad-guy Ariel will hire her to help fight the Thumpers.


21 years old. 6'2" tall. 145 pounds. Outstanding features: an athletic model’s body. A temper she never gets under control. Driven for success as a tv reporter.


A Zendya/Keke Palmer type or volleyball player Nana Meriwether or WNBA Star Skylar Diggins.