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While working on her senior documentary, Paulina Cvitkovitch, a film major at NYU comes across vague references to an economic impact report.  It appears that the city being constructed on the ocean might be extremely dangerous to the oceanic ecosystem. She and her lover, Ariel Jonas must find out for sure, particularly as the head of the kiratsu building Thetis is Arial’s billionaire father.


Ariel is the rich, voluptuous 18-year-old Tech Toy Princess who can afford any toy that

Batman has, and then some.  Paulina is the

21-year-old Eco-Freak whose alter ego is a performance artist, the Drag King Fellini.


The story begins with Arial and Paulina breaking

into the Brooklyn Navy Yard where the pieces of

Thetis are being constructed to later be

reassembled at the ocean city. During the recon,

Ariel kvetches that breaking in to the Brooklyn

Navy is stupid. They are going to go to jail and

kicked out of school. "Just let me bribe some

more people. Put some hackers on it."


They have support from the Thumpers.   Physicist Maili Walsh provides info on Augmented Reality software thru their HMDs. Fashion model psycho Turquoise Thomlinson is the backup. Former IDF Special Forces sergeant, Becca Ben-Gurion is running armed drones they hope they don't have to

use. But they do indeed need them to escape to where Cray-cray Kilani is waiting in a getaway white stretch limo smoking too much good shit.


They come away with a clue. The printed

copy of the Eco Study is at the mid-ocean

Thetis construction site. They are discovered

by Security. Fight. Kick. Climb. Swing. Jump.

Hide. Make jokes. Rescue. Take off top.

Escape. Stick out tongue.


Ariel's father's extreme disapproval of

Paulina’s drag king kink motivates him to

kidnap Ariel and put into an institution for

sexual preference deprogramming.  It is

worse than English Public Schools. S&M

shrinks. Hospital johnnies where her butt hangs out. Lindsay Lohan in chains with ball-gag and nipple clips.  Tears. Screams. Christian radio.  Electric shock dildos. Nurse Rachet look alike.  And hospital food.


Paulina rescues Ariel. Parachute. Sneak. Lie. Disguise. PIck locks. Punch. Bullshit. Kick. One-liners. Reunion. Rip clothes. Electrocute. Skateboard down railing. Escape. Moon Nurse Rachet. Rescue sex.


In the last scene, Ariel helps Paulina break into the Thetis construction site. Pauly gets caught and imprisoned on a converted Cruise Ship. Sad. Bad. Oh, shit.


Paulina's rescue is the first scene in the feature film, The Thetis Threat.