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Big Mouth Pain In The Ass

Psychic Commando

The Thumpers see Becca as Hit-Girl grown up. Becca is a former sergeant of an elite ranger recon team, the Sayeret Matkal of the Israel Defense Force. She is the Thumpers tactical leader and military trainer until she is forced to shoot a man in the back of the head to save Ariel's life.


Kilani starts out in book one as 21 year old, part time student. Full time wise ass. She’s an iconoclastic goth, hipster, nexty. Dealer of soft drugs. Wild. Funny. Big mouth. The line in the novel most used by the Thumpers is “Shut up, Kilani.”


Seven college women begin the Chronicles as depressed, non-functional wilted lettuce. In the joys of Revenge Therapy they regain their confidence and sense of self-worth by becoming revenge oriented ass kickers. Their personal development leaps ahead when failure makes them realize they can accomplish their goals far better by using their brains rather than kicking ass.

Out of Control Berzerker

Turq is a Communications major who is their Media Warrior. It is Turq's ideas and her leadership that takes the Thumpers into battle with the PR agency. War Room of media professional shape the story on which the Thumpers future and lives depends.


Dragon In Camouflage

Rich Kid Slapped by Reality

Ariel enters the first novel as a sweet, vacuous rich girl majoring in boys at NYU. A string of tragedies will change her dramatically. She will discover her hard side while trying to revenge her friend, Katy, by destroying the frat that caused her suicide.

Ariel Jonus

Jett is the wisest of the Thumpers. The group's conscience. Her moral leadership changes what the Thumpers are all about.


The Eco Warrior

Paulina is a sensitive, eco-conscious film major. Her causes are protecting the oceans, rivers and lakes.  Her fanaticism about saving the environment will give the Thumpers their long-term quest. Her ecological vision and beliefs will become the center of the Thumpers adventures.


The goal in creating the Thumpers is to develop a group of female heroes who are real enough and emotionally strong enough to appeal to women, but bad-ass and attractive enough to appeal to men.


Each of the characters has a long arc that develops their personality and powers over time. Within the first five properties, they will grow up in front of readers. Brave choices and unexpected tragedies will be the catalysts for becoming the epic individuals they are destined to be.  


During the Chronicles, some of the Thumpers will change for the better, some for the worse. Some will join the dark side and fight against their sisters. Some will die or disappear, only to reappear later. New, more bizarre characters from other stringverses will join the Thumpers along the way.

In their journeys to different stringverses, the Thumpers will meet interesting characters. The most interesting of these will join the Thumpers. The goal is to become more like "Guardians of the Galaxy" and to always bring fresh characters and fresh problem/solutions to our fans.

The Cutest Robot Ever

Mia is an intelligent, self-aware robot who can look like either a cuddly koala or a vicious spider.


Mia and the Brumbies (brumbots) first appear in the novel Maili’s Maze. They were designed for optimum functionality, and since form follows function, they looked like big evil spiders who made even the bravest mercenaries wet their pants.


The Brumbies determined they needed a makeover. They decided that the most lovable creature on earth was the Koala. In a battle, Mia looks weak and cuddly, but inside she is sudden death.  


Mia is a suffragette fighting for robot rights.


She Can Fly

Clydie was a reindeer born in a big fat Clydesdale body.  The filly was too thin and too sensitive for her job pulling the big-ass beer wagon in parades and on TV commercials. She had a different dream. To transform herself from a Clydesdale into the first and only Clydesdeer.


She wanted to take the lead position on Santa's sleigh. There was only a red nosed problem in her way. In Maili and the Mob, the gumba’s help her make that problem go away.


She will find that a one day a year job leaves her plenty of time to join Maili & the Thumpers on their stringverse adventures.


The Crimson Blade

Esteban is a swashbuckling hero from the stringverse where Frisco City exists. He is a go-to guy when the Thumpers need help so bad, they’ll call a dude.

A Dylan O'Brien type.


Czech Stud

A  Czechoslovakian transfer student, Han is the love interest for both Maili and Kilani.


He is to the Thumpers what Bosley was to Charlie's Angels. He is a pledge at the Delta Iota Kappa fraternity, and is their inside man when theThumpers go after the frat house.



Maili & The Thumpers