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John Patrick Gallagher is the creator of the Thumpers Chronicles. He is the author of two completed novels, two completed screenplays, and a completed pilot script for a one hour dramatic tv series. He is collaborating with  Larry Rosenthal of Cube3 on a VR film and game.
























Gallagher's been a professional writer since accidentally acquiring a BA in Creative Writing from Purdue University


He is a writer of television, plays, a children's book, lyrics, advertising, tweets, ransom notes, love letters, and IOUs


Wrote & Produced a television pilot for ABC-TV


His dramas and musicals have been produced in Chicago and New York City


Cable Ace Award for "Best Single Performance" in Performing Arts category


Author of children's book "Big Fun" for MontessoriHome


Lyricist for numerous indie artists


He wrote in-nyc, a cable tv show & website covering underground entertainment


He was a creative consultant for New Line Cinema


He produced an all-star concert at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center — featuring what the LA Times music critic called the best jazz orchestra ever assembled


He’s a director of live and video. Hands on video editor.


ASCAP, formerly WGA East, Dramatist Guild


In his spare time he writes ransom notes published in FBI dossiers under the pseudonym Unknown Perp



Gallagher has been a creative director at NYC and Chicago Ad Agencies primarily serving multi-nation consumer package goods, fast food, and beer.


He was President of a division of Saatchi and Saatchi.


His clients have included Miller Beer, McDonald's, Wellpoint Insurance, GlaxoSmithKline, USA Today, Bacardi, Nabisco and many more national brands he would like to forget, or has already forgotten.


He was the founder of Cybersapien Entertainment, a 3D gaming company.


He was a partner in the Grossman Gallagher Group.


He worked his way through Purdue University as a computer programmer, and still does some coding when he can’t find anybody else to do it.

Things That Were Fun To Write



I had fun with Mia who is an intelligent robot who looks like a koala bear, but inside is a giant metallic spider. She speaks with an Aussie accent in a little girl's voice and loves to dance to a very cool Aussie song I found on the web. Mia is lonely, the last of her race, which allowed me to go places I've never seen a robot go before.




Kilani was fun to do because she's so outrageous. I could have her do almost anything, say almost anything. A wise-ass, motor-mouth, college dropout, drug-dealer, who is addicted to fake tattoos. She is obsessed with becoming a super hero, something she has no talent for. The line most used in Revenge Therapy and Thetis Threat is "Shut up, Kilani". So after a while I started looking for things for her to say that would make her friends tell her to shut up. That was fun. 





My favorite thing is the wheelchair race on a bizarre multi-level track built inside and around a physics lab the size of an airplane hangar. The race gave me a surround for the apocalyptic sci-fi story. I could intercut the primary story within the wall-to-wall action of the race, which I used to keep the action rolling while I developed the characters and storyline.




I felt a sense of joy just writing about the three young witches, because they love life and revel in magic. Their individual personalities make their interactions totally cool. I especially like the youngest, Brigitta, who talks to fairies and wants to be the first girl wizard. But Moira, the red-headed terror who won't obey anyone is a close second. I identify with Moira because she is such a pain.




I fell in love the innovative concepts and architecture of the first ocean city-state, something that is already on the drawing board today. Check it out on the web. All I needed to do was to envision its future. And twist it. Thetis is a gorgeous place where every person including me, will want to live and explore. That Thetis being perverted by greedy men is very realistic, and is painful to contemplate, which made writing the final outcome so satisfying. 





I must have been on a manic high when I created the PartyMob, old timey gangsters who want to steal Christmas. Clydie is my favorite character ever. She's a Clydesdale who dreams of being a reindeer (Clydesdeer), and of taking out Rudolph, and usurping the Alpha-Diva position in pulling Santa's sleigh.

John Patrick Gallagher