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The Thumpers Chronicles

In The Thumpers Chronicles, we have created a number of franchise characters

that appear in a series of films, tv, novels, and VR — all interconnected, each telling a different part of a larger story. Much like Marvel's Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  

Our core concept is that each successful property creates a demand for other properties.


The Chronicles follow Maili and The Thumpers from their founding as depressed NYC college students through the weaponization of their intelligence, to their emergence in multiple stringverses as Eco-Warriors who defend the environment from the Violators.


Our target audience is teens and young adults, 13-34 — skewing female.



Family-Friendly Film

Targeting fans of Narnia and Harry Potter.


Máilí, a young physicist is forced to embrace Druid magic. Her quest is to find the secrets of the legendary Druidnomicon in order to rescue her friends that are trapped in an alternate dimension.

Interconnected films, novels, tv and games — working together to tell the full story

This is a work-in-progress development site—not a consumer/fan website. 

Frisco City


Sci-Fi TV Series

Targeting fans of The 100 and Agents of Shield.


Two college women (and a robot spider in a koala disguise) are trapped in world at the edge of ecological destruction.

The Thetis Threat


Sci-Fi Action Adventure Film  

Targeting fans of Avatar and Avengers.


Seven diverse college women must save our ecosystem from destruction by corporations that are building cities on the oceans.