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17 years old, 5’ 6” 122 pounds

Green eyes

Freshman and Sophomore at NYU

Her voluptuous body makes men create drool pools.



Music major

Discovers she’s a boy magnet

Little Sister at Delta Iota Kappa fraternity.



Performer, producer and engineer

Can play almost any instruments

Can play any song she hears without sheet music



Sonic Boom

She’s the only one in the band. Plays all the instruments. Sings lead and backups.

Produces tracks in her lavish home studio

Helped by tutors that are often ex rock stars.



Police Baton/Cattle Prod (which she uses like fencing epee)


Her real weapon is her songs

The songs she writes will save a world



Father: Zillionaire Davis Jonus

Mother: Left them long ago

No siblings. She is the only heir



Pretty dresses



Frat boy who raped her and passed her around (“Revenge Therapy”)

Paulina “Pauly“ (“Thetis Threat”)

Army (“ Dust”)




Taylor Swift

Dolly Parton



Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen of “Game Of Thrones”

Menolly of “Drogonsinger” and “Dragonsong”, novels by Ann McCafferty



‘Dragon Riders of Pern” by Ann McCafferty

‘Hunger Games”

‘The Big Short”



Harper Hall in the “Dragon  Riders of Pern.” (mentions this in Disporia scene)



Finding out who and what she is.

And what she might become.



That she won’t accomplish anything, beyond being Davis Jonas’ daughter

That she’ll end up as a trophy eye-candy wife.



Chicago Bears and Cubs

Wields The Power Of Music


Song-writing revolutionary / Combo of Lady GaGa, John Lennon and  Woody Guthrie / Her songs open minds to visions that can change the world / Heir to billions / home-tutored / lived her pre-Thumpers life on the internet as pop video idol


More Than Looks

At first glance, or stare, Ariel Jonas is eye-candy. Nope. Smart, strong, confideny. Dedicated to her music and saving the environment. Ariel stands tall, shoulders back. Comfortably. Like a veteran soldier. Or regal like a queen. She always looks like she belongs at the head of the table.


Ariel says very little. Doesn’t show her emotions, although she feels them deeply. Expresses herself with subtle facial and body language. Back with the Thumpers, only Becca knew exactly what she was thinking or feeling. After her breakdown others thought she was still like a deer in the headlights. But killing her rapist and blowing up the fraternity house changed her into what she is now. A sequoia, albeit one with pretty blossoms.





At home, she focused on her music, writing, producing. Becoming a YouTube star. Of course, she only had internet fans and friends because her father was afraid she’d be kidnapped, and sent back in pieces. Davis Jonas would rather pay a billion dollars to rendition the perps and torture them for twenty years than pay a ransom. Nobody fucked with Davis Jonas and survived. Ariel hated that part of him and never wanted to be like that.Ariel was home schooled. Her father, zillionaire






In The Chronicles

Life was great for Ariel Jonas when she entered NYU at barely seventeen. She was away from home. On her own for the first time. She was a music major, the best in every class. She became a little sister at a top fraternity. She dated the frat President.


One night, the President invited her to a party to sing for her friends in the frat. She did. They loved her. But then, her date led them in a gangbang. Gangbanged by the first friends she’s ever known.


She flipped. The world was upside down. Nothing was safe. Nothing in her limited experiences prepared her for the real world. A brutal unfair world.


Davis Jonus, would only allow her female

instructors. She wasn’t allowed to date, so

she put a lot into her music. Ariel is a

classically trained pianist and violinist. Her

home tutors also taught her voice, cello and

violin. She picked up many instruments on

her own, esp. drums, bass and guitar.

Brass and woodwinds — a little. With  a little messing around, she can play everything, but mostly composes for all parts on her keyboard.

Her music tutors were all professional musicians. Orchestra geeks at first, but then Ariel had taken control. She had jammed with some of the top

jazz and blues musicians. A cat with three number one country hits had tutored her on guitar, mandolin, and fiddle. She liked bluegrass fiddle better than her Strat.


She almost had an affair with one of her instructors. Third base. When her father found out, he ruined the man, leaving him nowhere to go but Oshkosh, Wisconsin where he had to learn the squeezebox to play in a Polka Band.

Ariel got into pop music to piss off her vocal teacher, Miss Rigby. But country and bluegrass really got the old bitch ranting, so that’s what Ariel got into.



Ariel had her own recording studio in high school where she produced constantly, releasing a couple

of songs a month on her web channels on SoundCloud and YouTube where she uploads her songs

and videos. She has hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter. But not a single

friend in the analog world.


Ariel’s zillionaire father won’t allow her to perform live. She has a fan base of over 400,000

people for her music and videos. She has earned a lot of money her father won’t let her

collect because it might be traced to her. Her father fears that if she ever was discovered

kidnappers would come down on her like a plague of lawyers.

The Thumpers take her in. Rearrange her psyche. Train her in revenge. Revenge is the answer. When people messed with her, she would destroy them like the Thumpers did to Ramrod the Roofie rapist, who had raped and robbed Kilani.


When they did a Lizbeth Salandar number on Ramrod, Ariel couldn’t be the bait like they’d planned. She wanted to help. She couldn’t. She had no experience with violence. She froze. Afterwards, he was ashamed of her cowardice. And wallowed in her shame.


Then when her little sister friend, Katy committed suicide because she was raped by the same frat guys who raped her, Ariel lost it. She should have told everybody

Daddy's Little Girl

Just below the surface, she is her father. Davis Jonas is one the of the toughest

shrewdest businessmen in the world, and one of the richest. They love each

other, although they find themselves on opposite sides of the EcoWar.

Each still respects the other, although her father doesn’t understand

the changes in her personality. He doesn’t see the mirror image, where her music is her business, where she can be just as smart and ruthless as he is. Her internet band Sonic Boom has made her a web cult legend, many wondering if she is real, as she is never seen performing anywhere, Her music and music video are free. Her profit lies is in spreading her message, pleasing her fans.


One of her father’s axioms. “Until you are ready to dominate, sit back, shut up, and wait for your opportunity. Be patient. It will come. It always comes.” In her songs, she often shares with the world bits of his philosophy. That makes her father proud.


The maids called her father “Himself. She picked up the habit.” She thinks of him that way, like the head of a clan, where he is responsible for all of them.


They ate together whenever business meetings allowed. Since he was the Big Dog in his field, biz rarely interfered with eating with his daughter. He never asked how she was doing in general, but was very specific. Like did you fix the tempo on that song?  Or how are your fencing lessons coming? What have you learned from fencing about reacting to situations? These would be followed by a lesson. A lesson he’d learned the hard way, not what he’d heard or read in some book.


He’d say things like “I saw your diving tape from the ten meter board. Not exactly a rip entry. You have to finish strong or like everything else in life, all your brilliant work is wasted.”

Readers first meet Ariel, in “The Joys of Revenge Therapy” in a Meetup group with six other college women who also had been damaged. After being raped by an NYU guy she thought she loved, and Frat guys she thought were her friends, Ariel doesn’t know who she can trust, if anyone.


The young musical prodigy is a broken person. So broken, the naive young girl is almost comotose. She can do nothing but cry.

Then when her little sister friend, Katy committed suicide because she was raped by the same frat guys who raped her, Ariel lost it. She should have told everybody what had happened to her. instead she hid it. Hid in the closet as she had as a child, wrapped in all her sheets and blankets. She should have told Katy. She was as guilty as the assholes. She went into a fugue state. Zombie in a coma. Pauly pulls her out of it. They fall in love. But Ariel wonders if Pauly is forever, or if there is a man in her future... when she’s ready for one. She is very wary of men. Distrusts them. She always wonders how they intend to use her, her body, her beauty and her money.


The Thumpers decided to go after the frat guys, so they couldn’t hurt any other women. Ariel stayed in the background. Still afraid. The Thumpers were her friends, but they didn’t trust that she was up to taking a part their plan to get evidence to put frat guys in jail. She was supposed to wait in the car. At the last minute, Ariel breaks in and shootd the guy who’d raped her first. Then she blows up the frat house. That hadn’t been the Thumpers plan, but it had lurking in her subconscious all along. Ariel discovers she her hard inner core. Down deep, she has veins of titanium, and when she decides to do something violent, it doesn’t faze her.


The violence made her feel good, empowered. It gave her back her life, and her sence of self-worth. And a sense of power, her own power. All the power she’d had before was power derived from her father. What she’d felt back then was an extension of his power. Not her own. Now she had her own. It came with an acceptance that the way to avoid being stepped on was to kick out first with overpowering force. Using that force to kill or destroy bad guys was righteous. But that is only a small piece of what defines a person. Young Ariel doesn’t know who she is or what she wants. And that is what she wants. To know. To have a goal. To have a reason for living. She can only find it in her music, because  her music is all she has. Riches, fame and comfort mean nothing to her, probably because she’s always had a surfeit of all of them.

In “Thetis Threat” Ariel’s billionair father, Davis Jonas leads the corporate violators trying to build the floating city-state of Thetis. Magnificent, but a potential ecological disaster that could destroy the ocean.


That ecological disaster is the subject of Paulina‘s documentary. Pauly goes undercover at the construction site to do research. She is captured. The Thumpers rescue her, destroy the floating citt, in the process killing scores of mercenaries defending it.


Ariel was happy about what they’d done. She felt justified. It broke the last link that tied her to her father. The Thumpers were now her family. She was still a billionaire in her own right, but she was no longer under her father’s thumb or protection. On her own, but with Pauly and Thumpers, she had her safe place.

In “Rippling Ocean Of Dust”, Ariel is the main protagonist fot the first time in the Chronicals.


She finds herself “outside the Jonus bubble” for only the second time in her life. She is trapped in the real world, all by herself. Ariel is a stranger in strange land. She has nothing. No money. No connections. No support group. And no experience to get her through.


She doesn’t know who she is without all that. She is truly “Lost in the Dust”. She has to fight her way past the self pity she feels. She psyches up to face reality head on. She needs a plan she doesn’t have. But must if she hopes to survive.


She must learn to be independent to stay alive. She starts to deal realistically with how she was brought up and what her over-protective father was trying to do. Why did he not allow her to go to a regular school or have regular friends? Did he only want to keep her close because her mother left him and disappeared, probably died? Now is time to decide who she is and what she wants.

How she will deal with new terrible world where survival is not a given?  Ariel does not react like a normal person. She does not do what a normal person would do. She does not have the same experiences.


She believes in herself and her talent. She expects to be a music star like she was an internet idol back home. She is willing to destroy any bad guys who would threaten or hurt her and her new friends. Not just fight back, but destroy using the Powell Doctrine, with overwhelming force. And not feel bad about it at all. No guilt at all. But only if is right. Only if she has exhausted all other solutions.


She is her father’s daughter. He is one of the toughest businessmen on the planet. She never wanted to be like him, but the hands she’s been dealt, and the way the cards had fallen, makes her as hard, maybe even harder.


Ariel knows she needs to create a safe place like she’d experienced with the Thumpers. She finds her safe place with Seeker and the Popsicles, a girl group with Gabby, WooWoo, and Jazzy. But Ariel won’t be safe until they become successful. When she was a Thumper, she was a follower, the weakest link in the Thumpers chain, the least of them. Here and now, she must be the leader.


All this is good in theory, but when she can’t sing in front of an audience, when she freezes like she did on the Ramrod Revenge, she had no idea what to do. She is ready to curl up and escape into her zombie-like fugue state. Because if she can’t sing, she can’t stay with the traveling medicine show. She’ll be left behind, with no place to live or sleep. Nothing to eat. And no way to compete with the thousands of homeless hobos in this depressed world.


She’d be eternally lost in the dust.