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Hard Body Mesomorph

5’9” 150 lbs

At 23, eldest of the Thumpers



Sde Boker Kibbutz, the Negev, Israel

Lived with her granduncle David,

yes, that David Ben-Gurion



Former Master Sergeant

of the Delta Force of the

Israeli Defense Forces


Hostage Rescue Specialist



You name it, she can kill you with it



Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian, Pashtu, and French

She does not speak Kilani



Tel Aviv University, transferred to NYU

Studying Kinesiology

(Psychological kinesis aka body language)

Oxford Masters in International Relations



Divorced from soldier in her recon unit

Meets Esteban in Frisco City



Ambassador To The United Nations

where she currently has an internship



Her granduncle David Ben-Gurion,

first prime minister of Israel

Abba Eban

Henry Kissinger

Condi Rice



Like she has time. Get real.






A new relationship



Staying Alive in Frisco City?

Accept Frisco City as her life?

Get series about Esteban?

or hold out for rescue?

Becca is Topkick


To the Thumpers Becca is Hit-Girl grown up.


In addition to being a kickass warrior, Becca Ben-Gurion has an almost psychic ability to read people's body language, almost to the point of reading their minds.


Becca is a self-contained Clint Eastwoodish "man with no name" who doesn’t need people. Becca isn't and never was a people person. It is one of the reasons she’s so good at reading people. It never came naturally. She had to train herself to do it.


Becca is a natural leader, but more of a sergeant than a general. She has her act together.  She knows who she is and what she wants. She is tough on herself, so she has no problem being tough on others.


Her ability to read the Thumpers body language reveals their pain and uncertainty. But her way of helping isn’t to sooth them, but to hammer them. She thinks she’s weak for feeling sorry for anybody, so she doubles down on hard-ass.





She brings her kinesthetic powers

to her dealings with bad guys in

Frisco City and new life-forms in the

super-stringverses. She is the primary

in dealing with other languagesor

other species.








Becca teaches the Thumpers how to defend themselves in different ways that works for them based on strengths and weakness.


She only wants to duct tape Kilani’s mouth about 82% of time, and only 49.8% does she want to also tape her nose shut and end her incessant mouthing off for good. And that was before Becca is stranded in an alternate stringverse with Kilani in Frisco City.


Becca marvels at how unskilled and hopeless Ariel and Paulina are in a skirmish. They are her toughest projects.


She respects Maili’s intelligence and her skills, especially with explosives.


Becca is uneasy whenever she’s in the same room

as Turq, but scared spitless of the tall girl when

they are in confrontations with the Violators.

Of course, anyone who wasn’t a

drooling batshit FoxNews believer

who saw Turq’s transformation

into Berzrk would also be wheedling

into their knickers.


Bec hadn’t decided if Jett  uses costumes and pacifism as a smoke screen to

cover a bad case of cowardice. When Bec learns that the self proclaimed pacifist

has better martial arts chops than she does, Becca becomes convinced of it.

Leads From The Front

Becca will train the other women and lead the attacks in “Revenge Therapy” and

“Thetis  Threat”.


Strategist, and tactician on missions against the violators in “Revenge Therapy” and “Thetis Threat”.

In Frisco City, Becca will finally find a man worthy of her. Her previous marriage to a macho poseur in her recon unit ended in disaster, primarily because he couldn’t take losing to her in every dart game, argument, or military field test. The final straw was when she was promoted over him, and then whupped him at arm wrestling, breaking his wrist. 


Her man from Frisco City, The Crimson Blade, brings out her feminine side for the first time since she’d carried a Ballet Barbie in her G.I. Joe backpack.