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Reads body language. Seems psychic.


Becca is a former sergeant of an elite ranger recon team, the Sayeret Matkal of the Israel Defense Force. She has earned a degree in Psychological Kinetics (reading body language) at NYU. Becca has an almost psychic ability to read people, almost to point of appearing to read minds. Becca speaks

eight languages and was interning at the UN

as a translator when she popped into

Frisco City.


Becca is a self-contained Clint Eastwood

"man with no name" character who doesn’t

need people. Becca isn't and never was a

people person. It is one of the reasons she’s so good at reading people. It never came naturally. She had to train herself to do it.


When she is first chased by the Pinks, she is wearing her hoodie. The Pinks nickname her “the Hood”.  Becca is 24. She has a Rhonda Rousey body. 5’9” 142 lbs.


An Odeya Rush type with a Ronda Rousey body.


A Rare Beauty


The home schooled girl is naive and unworldly. She will make the perfect rich man's wife. Dr. Jonathan Galt is willing to destroy the world to have her.


Sparkle is intelligent, but almost everything she's been taught, as Kilani says, is totally bull-bogus.  In the Pilot, Sparkle's father decides she must marry the 40 year old Galt as part of a business deal for the Extractor. If she refuses he will sell her to the man as an indentured servant. She knows he means it.


When Sparkle runs away to a hippie commune, she discovers the real world and young men for the first time. She is obsessed with having sex.


The Chess Club Rules Frisco City

The 64 most powerful men in the world. Yes, men. Women are more like proud possessions in this society. The Chess Players are

ultra-conservatives who are fine with the way things are. They make sure society never changes, because they like it with them on top.

Their rankings on "The Chess Club Ladder" tell us which is the most powerful. So there is always a new bad guy ready to take over.


They have created and stratified the ultimate laisez faire society where individual self-determination is the rule. And the

individuals in the Chess Club have determined they belong on top, they rule with a golden fist.


Chief Of The Pinkertons


The Police in Frisco City.

While their Chief Enforcement Officer answers to the Chess Club, Slim Jim Farley runs the city day-to-day.


The 350 pound, six foot six CEO is the Thumpers most archiest, villianiest day-to-day enemy. He does a lot of

brave cop things that save people. But also lines his pockets whenever possible.  The whole force is that way. It goes with the territory. It goes with the philosophy of self-determination and survival of the fittest.


A hard man, he has a soft spot for Sparkle.


Evil Mastermind


In this male-dominated society, she can't be seen challenging men directly. Felissa's face will remain unseen. Quite often, she will appear as a few sexy body parts and  a sexy voice. She will have many lovers on the Chess Club Ladder who she will inveigle to go after

the Thumpers.


Her goals are to avoid boredom, and have as much sex as possible. She enjoys beating men at their own games, and manipulating the men in the Chess Club so she can become the most powerful person in Frisco City, if she isn't already.


Mad Scientist


Magnus Aurelius Creapeau, PhD  is a nineteen year old wunderkind with doctorates in six sciences and necromancy. He is the smartest man in Frisco City and the known universe.


He is handsome in an arrogant prick sort of way. He is 5'10", 160 lbs, 186 IQ.

Frisco City

One Hour TV Series

Based on The Thumpers Chronicles


Three young, female Eco-Warriors —

A former IDF Ranger, former drug dealer, and former robot-spider

immerse themselves in the challenges of the ecological disaster that is

Frisco City and fight the Violators who are causing it.



Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure Series

Similar to "Agents Of Shield"



Young adults, 12-34,  skewing female similar to “Lost Girl” or “Supergirl"



Frisco City is a steampunk city in an alternate stringverse. There, it is also 2016, but it looks like our 1890s London. It's the corporate capital of the world. A laissez faire society where individual self-determination rules. A conservative dream-come-true where progress has been stopped since the Civil War by the Stability Act. It's a place where every service is privatized, even schools, police and fire fighters.


The sky is black with pollution. The oceans are rising. Global warming is on nitrous oxide.  Machines are huge steam-powered mechanical devices. Architecture and clothing are Steampunk. Women are second class citizens.


It's just a little bit of heaven for the men at the top. Not so much for the Thumpers who are involuntarily transported there from our here and now.


The first episodes will establish a status quo: identities, secret identities, pathologies, dreams, demons, homes, workplaces, enemies and friends. The stories for the rest of the season will be more episodic. While episodic, the show will be lightly serialized like “Person Of Interest”. There are numerous long term storylines occurring and developing through the season. Character arcs, romances, conflicts, alliances, and issues will evolve over time. But each episode stands alone. There is a new central plot line in each episode that can satisfy the viewer without knowing all the details of what came before.



The Frisco City establishment is constantly performing “profitable acts” on the people and environment. These conscienceless acts force the Thumpers into action.


In the Pilot the Thumpers save a young protester, the Pacific Ocean and themselves.


In Episode Two, they save the abused children in a workhouse-orphanage.

In future episodes they will throw themselves into helping those devastated by an earthquake, floods caused by rising oceans, strip mining, women forced into indentured servitude, and the Stability Act that prevents progress from evolving beyond the Victorian era level.


Comic Relief


Back in our reality, the twenty-two year old was everything her parents didn’t want in a daughter. A

college dropout who made her living dealing dope.

While the emo wants to be a bad-ass superhero, she is as lazy as an old shoe in the back of the closet. Lays

around getting stoned, mouthing off, and pissing

everyone off.


She wants to be perceived as a bad-ass. She goes off on her own to do super-hero shit, with


And her dog, Grrr


Joy was half rescued by the Crimson Blade in the Pilot. She made it the rest of the way out by herself. She is half black, half Chinese. There is no community to take her in. Not in Chinatown or in the Fillmore District.


The mixed breed dog adopts her.  She calls him her Guardian Angel.  Gar for short. The others

call him Grrr. He's a good dog.


They love each other more

than anything else in the

world. Grrr leads her to the

Barbary Pirate Casino.


The Crimson Blade


Esteban Aguilar is a slippery duplicitous bad guy, liar, con-man, and thief. Unfortunately, he is a very handsome, tall, good-looking dandy. He’s a charming bad guy who likes kittens, ice cream, and strolls on the beach. And he has a nice butt.


Esteban Aguilar owns the The Barbary Pirate, a hotel-casino on the Barbary Coast. Esteban will hire Becca and become her lover. And later, her partner in crime.


Esteban’s alter ego/secret identity is the Crimson Blade who leaves a trail of blood behind him as he rescues people. He has no problem killing the Pinks or Chess Players. He steals from the rich, gives a “taste” to the poor. He finances the revolution by supporting the protestors, although they don't know it.


Esteban wants revenge. He was shanghaied as a child and raised by the pirate Captain Cotton Mouth Zmey. He earned his fortune by mutiny, murder, and theft. When he returned to Frisco City, he found the family home in shambles and his parents dead. He blames it on the Chess Club, although nobody knows exactly  what happened. His hatred is pathological. He’s addicted to revenge. When he isn’t running a caper, he goes into depression.


A Pacifist


These young idealists, who're a lot like the 1960s hippies, demand change. They are willing to smoke as much grass and make love as often as possible to make it happen.  Their crash pad is in Haight Ashbury, a place Kilani likes to hang out and get mellow.


The Hippie leader,

Barnabas Boyar is

is Gandhi-like in his beliefs. But to change Frisco City

takes action. He has a dilemma. No matter  what he

loses.  if he sticks with his beliefs he will achieve

nothing. If he accepts violence he will no longer be the

man he was. He’s also conflicted with his affair with

16 year old Sparkle.  It is wrong to keep sleeping with

her. But it would hurt her deeply if her broke it off.


A self-aware, self-programming, AI with an Aussie accent.


Mia is more person than bot, even though she can look either like a cuddly koala or nasty-ass spider.  Mia cries when she thinks about being the last Brumbot. Her goal is to rebuild her race of Brumbots. As a robot, she’s highly advanced. As eight year old person, she’s just a lonely kid.


Using Steampunk technology, Mia engineers exoskeletons to make herself into a car, an airship, a super wind machine, a speedboat and a submarine. She refuses to turn herself into a hair dryer or microwave, no matter how much Kilani whines about it. She turns herself into an Iron Man suit for Kilani. The problem is figuring out who is in charge.

ridiculous results. She says her super-hero

power is insanity.


Kilani lives for the words, “Shut up, Kilani.” It

means she has made an impact. She’s being

noticed. Kilani thinks she's wasted her life,

because she has. She’d rather be anybody

than herself.  She assumes many identities.

Lady Chatterfly. Ryuko, leader of the

Guerrillas, and the Iron Thumper, in which

she mashes up with Mia.


A Keisha Castle-Hughes type.


Kilani’s BF


At the outset, Prince Wing Guansu and the Chinese secret society will be the Thumpers enemies. Eventually, because of Kilani's craziness and Becca's bravery, Wing Guansu will become an ally against the Chess Club and the Pinks.


He and his father are at odds on keeping the Stability Act and the status quo, or upending society. The Prince wants change. Wing does not like it that whites are on top and the Chinese are second class citizens. “But I am the Emperor and someday you will be the emperor.” “But the  Chess Club Players will still call our people coolies.”


The Empress (Wing's mother) has as the Sight. Can predict the future. She and Kilani become buds.

The brilliant teen psychopath has all the maturity of a four year old or Donald Trump. He wants what he wants when he wants it.


He will destroy anyone who gets in his way.  Rules do not apply to him. The Creep lives up to his family moto "nec compuncti". No remorse. No compunctions.


He has a doppelgänger in our stringverse who appears in Maili's Maze as Maili's arch enemy.  In Frisco City will become Mia's arch enemy by the end of the second episode.


He creates complex steampunks machines that will make him rich, but will destroy the planet, but he does not care. The Stability Laws or any laws of man or nature do not apply to him.


He is a virgin who wants to change that status with Lady Fellisa who has the boy wrapped around her little nipple ring.



Dr. Creapeau's Environmental Abomination


The most important and dangerous machine in Frisco City can devour mountains or eat its way down deep into the earth. It extracts gold, silver, iron and other precious metals. A minor problem is it leaves behind a slurry of poisonous goop that can't be disposed of. The inventor brags, "With enough Extractors, we could eat through the Rocky Mountains by Christmas, and fill our stocking with gold and silver.”

The First Production: A Series of Graphic Novels 


Scripts for the first three issues have been written, and are now in preproduction with a team of artists who have already produced over a dozen successful graphic novels. The first issue will be released in January, 2017.


With the same team, we are developing a 360VR film optimized for the Samsung GEARVR and Google Cardboard. The same product will be viewable on traditional browsers like Firefox and Safari.