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Age: 20

Height: 5’ 5”

Weight:102 pounds

Figure: 34/23/33

Hair color: Brown/Black

Eyes: Honey Brown



Almost always in disguise



Oh Owowza, Japanese Porn Star



Dual Citizenship: American/Korean

Born: Seoul, South Korea

Father: Japanese-American Reporter

Mother: Korean Actress



Fashion Institute of Technology

Major: Fashion Design

Minor: Philosophy

Intern: Lolly Po’s House Of  Fashion



Will meet Sapper in



Clothing Design

Film Makeup

Combat Yo-Yo





Jiu Jitsu




Bushidō Zen Buddhism

Follower of Shotokan





Coco Chanel

Rick Baker



Will hurt, maybe even

kill someone

The Wise One


Jett Tanaka has wisdom beyond her college credits. She’s the Thumper’s conscience, even if she doesn’t look much like Jiminy Cricket. Her moral leadership changes what the Thumpers are all about. To the Thumpers, she’s an oracle.  Jett’s mission with the Thumpers is is to convince them to find a non-violent path to redemption. Or at least to curb the worst of their violent impulses. Not an easy task.


Jett comes from a different place than the other Thumpers because she believes strongly in non-violence. Her role models are Ghandi, an Indian dude who you’ve probably heard of, and Shotokan, a Zen Master Samurai, who believed competition and needless violence are contrary to the essence of Bushidō, the warriors way.


Jett wants to find peace. If in doing that, she must fight evil, she will. But she tries to choose the peaceful path, which she learns does

not always lead to peace. She wants peace of

mind. She will avoid or hide from painful things.

She’s like a chameleon who wants to avoid any



Alias: VAPOR

Design Student


Jett is a design major at NYC’S  prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. with an emphasis on film, television and theater. She is a talented costume designer and make-up artist including facial prosthetics.


She interns at Lolly Po, a hot fashion design firm. She carries her sketch pad everywhere, and is always creating something. She will jones out if she doesn’t have a sketch pad.



Jett feels she must wear disguises because she looks exactly like a famous Japanese

Adult Video Idol. That sad fact has made her the target and victim of pervs who

“recognize” her as a porn star. They want to “experience” her signature Chikan bus

videos where strangers grope the unwilling young student to orgasm. Her doppleganger

gets so turned on, she’ll have sex with four or five guys and beg for a bukake facial.

The only way Jett can stop the pervs from living out their fantasy on her is with violence —extreme violence that goes against everything she believes. It gnaws at her soul.


Jett continues to wear disguises, even when she doesn’t need to because it turns out she likes them. Her cosplay is her joke on herself. Her ability to create disguises with clothes and makeup will be important in the Thumpers’ adventures.

Martial Arts Background


Jett’s uncle was her sensei since the age of three. She became very skilled at

Martial Arts. At age ten, she refused take the Karate grading examinations for her

black belt, even though she performed at the level of a 5th Dan. She chose to remain a brown belt.  


As a matter of conscience she refused to take any practical, oral and written requirements. To her, it was totally personal. Her uncle and father gave her serious shit for not advancing, for not making the most of her talents.  But

she knows she was and is making the most. She is still training. She is just not playing their “grade game.” She gets so much shit at sixteen she dropped out of everyday training in martial arts to study fine art. But she develops her own Tai Chi she calls Bushidō Tai Chi which she teaches at FIT.


She continues to be a follower of Shotokan who believed competition is contrary to the essence of Bushidō, the warriors way. Shotokan principles allude to notions of humility, respect, compassion, patience, and both an inward and outward calmness.


Jett embraces Shotokan’s Bushidō Code of honour. She seeks perfection of character, to be faithful, endeavor to excel, respect others, and refrain

from violent behavior.

In The Chronicles


In “Revenge Therapy” Jett is a conscientious objector sitting on the sidelines.


The reason she went to group in Revenge Therapy was not because she was raped, but when subway geeks groped her, she lost it and put three men in hospital. One ended up paralyzed. All because her fear let her training take over. She was a machine, not a person. Muscle memory did  the fighting. She hates herself for it.


She begins the story in disguise. She is trying not to look like the famous porn star who is almost her double. She stays out of  the Ramrod  Revenge when she knows she could have taken him down all by herself.


Jett is a chameleon, afraid to look good. The 5’5” Eurasian begins looking like a lump of clothes with a face like sandpaper. It is a disguise to keep her from being noticed. Her problem is she looks almost exactly like the woman voted the world's most beautiful porn star. She will emerge like a butterfly from the cocoon of her own making, to let herself be seen as the beautiful person she is.


Jett’s She shares the lead in “Prisoner and  Slave” with Turq. She is forced to reevaluate her beliefs under extreme life-and-death pressure. She will have a mad romance with the wild guerrilla explosives expert Hanish Sapper.