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Introducing Turq of the Thumpers

Turq Backstory


Turq lives in Harlem with her mother, Nefertiti,

little sis Ebony, and brother Zircon.


Turq was raped by her brother’s gang as his

initiation. Her sister Ebony was going to be

the next gang rape victim. Turq started a war

on the gangbangers to save Eb. She killed

all of them, one at a time.  She found she

enjoyed killing them. Got off on it.


She is intimidating. Was dating a HS football player. He dissed her, and she beat the shit out of him. After that, she didn’t get asked out very much.


Her basic fight skills, were picked up living in gang territory, going to school with crazy bitches. She fights dirty. Honed her

skills when taught by Becca, former IDF special forces sergeant. She can turn anything into a weapon. She can kill with magazine. A thumb drive.  Or a pile of napkins.  In fact, that’s one of her cool things McIvering deadly weapons out of normal stuff. In Berzerq she fights with her door key. Also with  stiletto heels on both feet and hands.


 She had a boyfriend at NYU, but she was too high maintenance, and she threw a lamp that hit him in the head. He dumped her which made her mad, but more at herself than him. She’s frustrated in the love/sex area, which does not improve her temper. She knows she should be able to control her violence, but she can’t.


She plans to be an on-camera news person. She’s certainly pretty enough. She’s worked her ass off on her voice and elocution. She is a summer intern at a local tv station. When plot demands, she can chase a story like Peter Parker.

BERZRK is a one hour TV action series in development.


Turquoise Thomlinson is BERZRK. Our hero is an NYU

communications major and  part-time catalog model. Turq has

serious anger issues, or more accurately maniacal, destructive,

sometimes lethal anger issues. Turq is trying to learn how

to channel her rages into doing good, by

eviscerating bad guys, rather than beating up

her dates, club doormen, or mall Santas.


BERZRK is based on a short story excerpted from "The Joys of Revenge Therapy”, the introductory novel of the Thumpers Chronicles.


BERZRK is being launched this fall with a graphic novel.


Read the short story BERZRK is built upon. 


“BERZRK" introduces Turquoise Tomlinson in her first solo adventure.  It reveals the Rubicon-Crossing event which  transforms Turq from NYU student into a violent, pitiless avenger.

BERZRK is a fun adventure. A turn-on told

in a humorous voice in a light, fun way, from

a positive point of view. A blood and gore joyride on

the streets and roofs of NYC.


Turq is a cool, sexy and playful hero/anti-hero. She

has her own unique look, style, and moral code.


She is romantic/sexy, likable, and confident enough

to be able to laugh at herself. But enemies should run  

when she stops laughing.


Turq is an intelligent young woman pushed by bad guys  

into a berzerker mode. This is the beginning of her

eventually becoming a brutal, blood-thirsty  

killer without pity. In the future, she

becomes inured to the violence, becomes a conscienceless killer who doesn't need a good reason to go into berzerker mode.


Turq may be immoral by traditional senior citizens in the bible belt standards, but she has her own moral code. She makes her own laws because politicians

haven’t done very well, have they? For instance, she has a six hour before hook-up rule. A don’t hit a woman in the face rule. Only hurt someone who deserves it. Once an opponent goes down, make sure the only way he gets up is for the EMTs pick him. Don’t believe anything Kilani says.


In her early days of becoming a berserker, the uncontrollable violence is not something Turq chooses. It is forced upon her.

Nickname: Turq  

Superhero Tag: Berzrk

Original member of the Thumpers.

Tall African American with super long legs.

Senior at NYU majoring in Communications.

Part time catalog model.

Explosively bad temper. Likes to throw things.

When Turq gets beyond angry, when she goes berserk, she becomes like the Hulk in a model's body.

“Spontaneous flushing” turns her face and upper torso sunset red. The reds and purples are splotchy in the form of vertical tiger stripes that make her look like she's on fire.

“Haarreee” is the Nubian War Cry that is embedded deep in Turq’s DNA. When the “shriek of insanity” is delivered with intensity, it makes a listener’s brain feel like it is being attacked by thousands of nasty molecules with little blowtorches.

The Lolly Po

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